Sunday, March 31, 2013

Three New Marches By John Philip Sousa

from The Publisher's Monthly Newsletter (advertisement), 

  Lieutenant Commander John Philip Sousa, U.S.N., is a remarkable example of the persistence of youthful freshness of ideas in musical creative work.  To his long string of successful marches Mr. Sousa has recently added three new numbers, all of remarkable distinction.   Outstanding among these is the “Royal Welch Fusiliers.”  This March was written in recognition of the friendship fostered between the United States Marine Corps and the British Regiment of Welch Fusiliers during the Boxer War in China.  During this present summer Mr. Sousa has conducted this march in London in the presence of a distinguished gathering including Royalty.  We believe this is the best march written since “Semper Fidelis.”
  Another new march is “The Salvation Army March.”  This was written for the recent Jubilee Gathering of the Salvation Army in New York City.  It was played by all of the combined bands.  The original instrumentation was for the all brass combination usually found among Salvation Army Bands; but it also has a complete scoring.  This march includes in its middle section the hymn “O Boundless Salvation.”

  The most recent of the three marches is the “Harmonica Wizard.”  This is a jaunty, lilting march in six-eight time.  The old two step, by the way, seems to be coming back.  This march was written for the celebrated Harmonica Band in Philadelphia conducted by Mr. Albert Hoxie, and for all harmonica players all over the United States.  

  All of these marches are published for piano solo, for full band, and for orchestra.  In addition there is a fine four hand arrangement of the “Royal Welch Fusiliers.”

Enjoy the Harpbeats and Friends' performance of 
John Philip Sousa's "Harmonica Wizard":



  1. Awesome - harmonica bands! Who knew? I really enjoyed that you linked to the youtube bio of Albert Hoxie and enjoyed listening to the performance of the "Harmonica Wizard."

    Great blog post!
    Love and hugs,
    Your devoted sister,
    Harmonica :)

  2. What an interesting article. I love how you provided all the links, such an easy way for me to get more background information! I loved getting to hear the 'Harmonica Wizard' too!

  3. Dear Harmonica and Charlotte:

    Thank you for your encouraging words. On an additional note regarding the patriotism that Mr. Sousa's music inspires, try this link for the "flash mob" appearance of the Spirit of America Band at a Stop & Shop store in Cape Cod:

    It is worth noting on the Spirit of American Band's website ( they are "more than a precision, marching, musical ensemble – it is a training ground for life, based on the values and characteristics that have made our country great from its very beginning."

    1. I apologize for the link -- back to Kindergarten: cut and paste!

    2. Awesome! I want some to flash mob Hannaford's!!!
      Love and hugs,
      Your devoted sister,