Tuesday, May 14, 2013


The slow bell tolls, the hidden chorus chants. . . .  Under the frowning walls a young girl lifts her face.  She calls.  Her lover answers from his cell.  Clear and enrapt the questioning voices rise . . . tender . . . poignant . . .   burdened with grief and longing.  They swell and mingle in a long farewell.  They fade.  The poison claims her.
   There are few people in the civilized world today who are not, in a measure at least, familiar with the “Miserere” from  Il Trovatore.  For this scene, set like a jewel in the florid libretto of this gorgeous old opera, is genuinely moving, melodically superb. . . .  The music finds Verdi at his best, a natural master of the lyric line.  It is the sort of thing that one remembers.
    The “Miserere” from Il Trovatore has recently been recorded on Victor Red Seal Records  by Rosa Ponselle and Martinelli, of the Metropolitan Opera Company, with the full Metropolitan Chorus and Orchestra.  It is marvelously clear, marvelously realistic.  The Orthophonic Process has captured every breath and nuance of their art.
   The foremost artists, the leading orchestras, the most beautiful and important compositions, are always at your command on Victor Red Seal Records . . . That distinguished collection of interpretations, by recognized masters, which is Victor’s permanent contribution to the good music of the world. . . .  Victor TalkingMachine Company, Camden, New Jersey, U.S.A.

Enjoy listening to the January 23, 1928 recording of Rosa Ponselle and Giovanni Martinelli's performance of the "Misrerere" from Verdi's Il Trovatore:


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